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Quality Manufacturing

Our company adopts consistent process from raw materials through finished products manufacturing.
Computer design diagram.
A outside view of factory, shows the inventory and storage areas.
Applying with advanced equipments imported which can be used to straighten a piece of steel girder
An inside view of factory, equiped with various mechanical devices, and new straight cutting machines imported from Europe
Applying with automatic welders imported from Europe which can provide high quality spot welding.
Steel plates based on high tension force can be welded through robots.
總公司: No. 76, Jhensing Rd., Ke Cuo Village, Yuanchang Township, Yunlin County, 655, Taiwan
  TEL: +886-5-7885276 FAX: +886-5-7885857
越南廠: 同奈省仁澤縣仁澤一工業區2號路
  TEL: +84-61-3569236-7 FAX: +84-61-3569238
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